Sound Byte
Belding questions Screech love life.
Belding and Bambi
Belding talks to Bambi (Zack in Drag)
Big Pete
The guys welcome Pete to the team.
Buddy Bands
The gang comes up with the name of Buddy Bands.
Belding gets rid of alien agent.
Slater becomes a class comedian.
Dance Camp
Zack lies about going to dance camp
Defective Bands
People bring back defective buddy bands.
Fake ID's
Bouncer from the Attic.
Screech has special power to see the future
Giant Pillsbury Dough Boy
Screech calls Mike Rogers a Pillsbury Doughboy
Hall Monitor
Nell the hall monitor rules the halls
Hall Monitor 2
Neil the hall monitor guards the halls.
James the actor's monologue about Hardvard.

I'm So Excited
Jessie deals with taking drugs to stay awake.

Lisa Card
The Lisa Card, Don't Leave Home With It.
Losing Support
Screech reports to Zack on latest exit polls.
Mr. Dewey
Mr. Dewey rules detention.
Nerd Women
The Nerds fear their will lose their women.

Nice Legs
Slater comments on Zack's look as a women.

Prettiest Girl In School
Zack tells Kelly to stop trying to look perfect.
Russian You
The guys the lure a Russian chess player
Screech Shakespeare
Screech uses Shakespeare to get next to Lisa.
Send Me To My Room Mama
Slater remarks to Jessie about what to do with him.
Snow White
Zack and Jessie practice kiss for Snow White play.

Snow White And The Seven Dorks
Production of "Snow White and the Seven Dorks".

Sorry When I'm Gone
Screech talks about how he will be missed.

That's You
Zack encourages Screech that he's the one for Lisa.
The Fight
Zack and Slater get in a fight over a girl.
Ugly Family
Screech insults Deke the Wrestler
Women's Movement
Slater comments to Jessie about women's work.

Zack Bonzai
Screech pretends to be Zack in radio interview.

KKTY Bayside - Radio Station
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