After the completion of Saved By The Bell, the original series, the Saturday show was revamped as Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Saved by the Bell: The New Class, the Saturday morning spin-off of Saved by the Bell, began its run in the fall of 1993. The cast was less successful than the original, so most of the characters, save Tommy, the greaser, and the cute Rachel, were soon dropped. In their place, rival Valley High students Ryan, Maria, and R.J. were transferred to the worlds coolest place to matriculate.

Although ratings were low at first, the series was continuously renewed, and with every season came a slight cast change. (This caused viewers to be somewhat turned off by the series because of it's lack of character consistency, one major problem the original series never faced). But the real hero and savior of the series occurred when Samuel "Screech" Powers (Dustin Diamond), returned to the show as Mr. Beldings assistant. With a few more cast changes, Saved By the Bell: The New Class kept its Saturday school open through January 2000, becoming one of the biggest success stories in Saturday morning history. Saved By The Bell: The New Class completed its seventh, and last season, in the 1999-2000 season.

Complete List of Saved By The Bell: The New Class Cast (1993-2000)

Principal Richard Belding - Dennis Haskins (1993-2000)

Samuel "Screech" Powers (1994-2000) - Dustin Diamond

Eric Little (1996-2000) - Anthony Harrell

Maria Lopez (1995-2000) - Samantha Becker

Nicky Farina (1996-2000) - Ben Gould

Katie Peterson (1996-2000) - Lindsey McKeon

Liz Miller (1997-2000) - Ashley Lyn Cafagna

Tony Dillon (1998-2000) - Tom Huntington

Ryan Parker (1995-98) - Richard Lee Jackson

Rachel Meyers (1994-97) - Sarah Lancaster

Tommy "D" De Luca (1993-96) - Jonathan Angel

Lindsay Warner (1993-96)- Natalia Cigliuti

R.J. "Hollywood" Collins (1995-96)- Salim Grant

Megan Jones (1993-95) - Bianca Lawson

Brian Keller (1994-95) - Christian Oliver

Robert "Bobby" Wilson (1994-95) - Spankee Rogers

Scott Erickson (1993-94) - Robert Sutherland Telfer

Barton "Weasel" Wyzell (1993-94) - Isaac Lidsky

Vicki Needleman (1993-94) - Bonnie Russavage

Sandy (1994) - Tara Reid

Stanley / Noogie (1994) - Danny Strong


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