Zack's Women
Over the years Zack has pursued many girls or watched as girls pursued him. Of course he never strayed too far from Kelly for long. Throughout all of Zack's dating he still found his way back to Kelly. That makes their wedding a matter of fate that even Zack could not avoid. Their romance really was one of the main driving factors in the show. They represented the "Ultimate Couple". Although he ultimately ended up with Kelly, the best person for him, he had his share of adventures with a variety of other girls. Here are the other women, who if it had not worked out so perfectly with Kelly, could have stepped up to the plate.

Stacey Carosi
Stacey was the bosses daugher while the gang works at the Malibu Sands beach resort during the summer. Zack start to pursue her early on, and feel devestated when her boyfriend comes into town. Zack ultimately says goodbye to her and heads for home since the Summer is over.

Andrea, a Hawaiian native Zack meets while on a vacation, causes Zack to be so enchanted that even the fact she has a child can not deter his pursuits. He ultimately leaves Hawaii without her even though he would have stayed for her if she wished.

Tori Scott
Zack at first can't stand her, but ultimately he even competes with Slater to see who will kiss her first.

Lisa Turtle
After working with her a lot for a prom committe Zack and Lisa start to get along real well. They get along so well that Screech starts to become jealous. They eventually fall for each other.

Jessica Spano
Zack kisses Jessie and becomes curious with her after rehearsing the kiss scene for the Snow White and The Seven Dorks play. At first the two refuse to kiss then they try it and question rather there is anything between them. The opening night of the play ends with the play following a different course than planned because of the ramifications that a kiss on stage could have between Zack and Jessie.

Krystee Barnes
Krystee, a female wrestler that Zack helps convince the team to allow to wrestle. Jessie imagines Krystee to be moving in on Slater because they practice wrestling moves a lot though.

Joanna Peterson
Shana was a transfer student to Bayside which both Slater and Zack desire. They get into fights over her and then like magic she is gone from the show forever. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone's problems could vanish so easily?

Laura Benton
Laura was the homeless girl that Zack spots with a lunch of only an apple. Zack finds out she is homeless and this causes him to stay clear of her at first. Laura loses her job, and Zack and his family befriend her. Even Zack's family would help him with his dates, isn't life swell.

Karen, a new transfer student when Zack was in Grade 8 with Miss Bliss, causes him to nearly come to blows with another of his friends, Mikey.

Melissa Donahue
Melissa is a disabled girl in a Wheelchair that Zack gets into a great conversation with while hosting the Teen Line. He agrees to meet one girl at the Max he talked to on the Teen line. Everything appears find until Zack discovers she is in a wheelchair. He ultimately learns to understand her and all. The gang plays a cool game of wheelchair basketball at the end of the episode.

Nurse Jennifer
Nurse Jennifer, Bayside's School Nurse - Zack falls for Bayside's new young female nurse and even fakes illnesses to see her. Ultimately she disovers his plan and pretends to be madly in love with him. Zack doesen't know what to do then, and panics.

Leslie (Jessie's Stepmother)
She is an aerobics instructor, who Zack hits on while they are attending Jessies fahers' wedding in Palm Springs. He eventually finds out that she was marrying Jessie's father, which Jessie has extreme objections to.

Louise was the girl most desired by the Bayside nerds. Zack befriends and romances her in order to try and gather votes for himself, in a run-off between he and Screech to decide who will be the new author of Bayside's School Song.

Penny Belding (Belding Niece)
Zack gets blackmailed into a date with Mr Belding's neice. Zack gets Screech to pretend to be him so Zack avoids the date alltogether. Only Zack can avoid a date completely and still be desired by a girl. Isn't that unique.

Wendy Parks
Wendy Parks, the Date Auction Girl, is a larger girl who bids enough in a date auction to win a date with Zack. She takes up some of Zack's time at the Max. Zack's appeal it seems is really worth a lot of money to some in this episode.

Nicki Kapowski (Kelly's Sister)
When Zack starts to answer phone calls for Bayside's Teen Line he gets a call from Kelly's sister. He thinks he is talking to Kelly but its really her sister. Zack then tries to come up with a way to let the girl down easy.

Everyone at Bayside (including A.C. Slater)
Of course one should remember the time that Zack tried to use subliminal advertising to convince Kelly to go to a dance with him. Slater pretends he to was affected and presents himself to his "Preppy." It was humorous but demonstrates how even those so far from liking Zack bend in at some point or another.


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