The Settings

The Max serves as the gang's ultimate hangout. The Max was such a part of the show that for many growing up during the show's run, all other restaurant's were compared to it. The Max is the little eating joint where the gang could dance, meet new dates, and discuss troubles. The place's manager Max, delights the gang with his humor and magic. Kelly even gets a job at the Max so that she may be closer to a guy she starts to like.

Bayside is more than just a school, its a breeding ground for greatness, and the place that everyone cool always happens to transfer to. Outside in the hall the girls discuss boys and the boys discuss girls. Inside the classrooms, the cliques live on, with the geeks grouped together, and the jocks. The gang from Bayside seems to pretty much get along with everyone though. In the show everyone had those huge full size lockers, the size you could lock a person in. In real High School's lockers are much smaller, and time between classes is much shorter. The gang practically lives between classes. In Saved by the Bell, the bell it seems is a warning and there is always someone in the hall that shouldn't be. Wasn't Bayside, the coolest?


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