• It is said in Good Morning, Miss Bliss that Zack's father and mother are divorced, but they are still happily married in Saved By The Bell.

  • Zack's father's name is Peter Morris in Good Morning, Miss Bliss, and Dereck Morris in Saved By The Bell. (Also, two different actors play Peter and Dereck).

  • There is no mention made of Zack's good friends, Nikki and Mikey, from Good Morning, Miss Bliss in the Saved By The Bell series.

  • There is no mention made of Zack's friend since the first grade, Jessie, in Good Morning, Miss Bliss.

  • Zack and Jessie have been friends since they were kids, but Zack lived in Indianapolis until 9th Grade.

  • Screech had a little brother in Indiana but was an only child at Bayside High School in California.

  • Zack is always portrayed as an F Student, yet he gets A's on almost all of his reports.

  • Zack tell Slater in the first episode of Grade 9 that he's been after Kelly for the previous "2 years and 6 boyfriends" when no mention is made of her in Good Morning, Miss Bliss.

  • Slater and Zack were fighting at the end of the 9th grade season, but at the beginning of the tenth grade season, they were best friends.

  • Kelly was in the Zack Attack on the episode in the future and Jessie was not, but on the prom episode she wasn't and Jessie was.

  • Belding's son was born without an umbilical cord and perfectly clean.

  • Zack and Lisa? She was going out with Zack for one episode, then on the next episode, she wasn't.


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