Saved By The Bell TV Soundtrack (CD)

The Saved By The Bell TV Soundtrack features eleven of the best songs from the Original TV Series. Visit the Multimedia section of this site to listen to the Songs from the soundtrack.

1. Saved By The Bell -- This is the original theme song used for the original series. This version of the theme song is also the one used for the episodes that are shown in syndication. (This includes the Miss Bliss 8th grade episodes, but not "The College Years" episodes.)

2. Don't Leave With Your Love -- This is the Bo Revere song from "The Zack Tapes" episode. This is the song Zack put the subliminal messages into so that Kelly would dump Slater and go to the dance with him instead.

3. Go For It! -- This is the song sung by Hot Sundae (the girl group with Kelly, Jessie, & Lisa) in the video they made in the "Jessie's Song" episode (which is the one in which Jessie gets hooked on caffeine pills).

4. Love Me Now -- This is a song from the "Rockumentary" episode. This is the song that Zack wrote with Mindy. The rest of the gang was not enthusiastic about this song.

5. Make My Day -- This is the song that Zack Attack sang during "The Last Dance" episode. They sang this at the costume ball just before Zack and Kelly were crowned King & Queen of the ball, which was just before the breakup of Zack and Kelly.

6. Friends Forever -- This is probably one of my favorite songs from the show! Zack Attack sang this during the "Rockumentary" episode, in which Zack had a dream they were rock stars. :-)

7. Did We Ever Have A Chance? -- Zack Attack sang this song also in the "Rockumentary" episode. Zack and Kelly sang it as a duet.

8. Deep Within My Heart -- This is the sort of country-style song that was played during the last dance in the "Senior Prom" episode.

9. Surfer Dude -- This song is from the "Hawaiian Style" movie, during a video montage in which they showed the gang swimming, surfing, bike riding, playing touch football, and so on.

10. Gone Hawaiian -- This is another song from the "Hawaiian Style" movie. You hear this song towards the beginning of the movie, when the gang is in the van on the way to the hotel when they first arrive in Hawaii.

11. School Song -- This is the song that Slater, Tori, and Lisa all wrote, but submitted as Screech's song for the school song contest in the "School Song" episode. This song was the winner of the contest, because Zack sabotaged all the other entries and the gang sabotaged HIM during the contest (remember when he couldn't sing? hehehe). This song was also sung in the last episode of The New Class (The Graduation Episode).

12. Saved By The Bell (featuring Michael Damian) -- This is the theme song sung by Michael Damian. I'm not sure what seasons this version was used, if at all. This version was used on the Saved By The Bell home videos, produced by Good Times.



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