Saved By The Bell Game

"Saved By The Bell Game"

Spend an outrageous day with the "Saved By The Bell" gang! Welcome to Bayside High--the totally cool school where having fun rules! Your day begins with three Note cards from Saved By The Bell friends asking you to meet them in different classrooms. Meet up with them, take a color photo from the Picture deck AND score points!

You also get a special card from Zack and Slater asking you out on a DATE!!! Land on the heart space, collect a dreamy picture and score 10 points for each date!

Along the way, you'll get to answer questions about Saved By The Bell and about how you would handle different situations. That's when you'll find out how well you and your friends really know each.

Also included are special Biography cards with "inside info" on all six Save By The Bell kids! The first player to score 30 points and go on a date with Zack and Slater wins!

Game Contents: Game board with spinner, 48 color Picture cards, Note cards, Questions cards, Date cards, 6 Biography cards, 6 movers, numbered die, special game die, and instructions.

Saved By The Bell Pogs

Pogs are small, round, flat disks of about the size of bottlecaps, usually made out of cardboard. To play a game of pogs you gather a bunch of pogs together and then you put them in a stack type of column. You then you have to get a "SLAM" pog that is made of plastic. You grab the "SLAM" pog and throw the pog on top of the column and all the pogs that fall are yours, and at the end of the game, the one with the most pogs wins.



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