Q: Is Saved By The Bell still shown on TV?

A: Thankfully, Saved By The Bell reruns are still shown. In the United States, TBS "The Superstation" currently shows Saved By The Bell twice daily on weekdays at 6 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST). In some regions, The WB also shows two episodes of Saved By The Bell every weekday, in the morning. You should check Yahoo! TV or TV Guide Online for your local listings. Yahoo! TV also provides listings for other countries. In Europe, Saved By The Bell is shown on Nickelodeon.

Q: Why did the Saved By The Bell gang live in Indiana in junior high, and then turn up in the same school with only a different name and a few different characters in California?

A: There isn't a solid explanation for that except that Saved By The Bell went through a lot of changes between junior high and middle school, including its move from Disney to NBC. For more information, check out the History section on this site, and visit Inconsistencies.

Q: Why were Kelly and Jessie replaced by Tori during their senior year?

A: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley wanted to leave the show halfway through twelfth grade episodes, so they were replaced by Leanna Creel (Tori) and the half-season of Tori shows was interspersed with the half-season of Kelly/Jessie shows in order to give the impression that they were all there, just not in the same scenes. For more information, check out the History section on this site, and visit "The Tori Era".

Q: Where can I find information about individual episodes of Saved By The Bell?

A: Check out the Episode Guide section of this site.

Q: Where can I get information about each of the Saved By The Bell cast members?

A: You can find some information about the Cast in the Cast and Where Are They Now? sections of this site. If that doesn't provide enough information for you, visit the Internet Movie Database and search for them by name, or use your favorite search engine to find other Saved By The Bell fan sites.

Q: Where can I find lyrics to the songs that Zack Attack (The Gang's band) sang on the show? Is there anywhere to find sound files for them?

A: You can find lyrics to all the Zack Attack songs and other songs performed on Saved By The Bell by checking out the Documentation section of this site, and visiting song lyrics. Also, in the Multimedia section there are the actual songs, audio clips, and video clips.

Q: Did the Saved By The Bell cast really sing those songs on the show and soundtrack? If not, who did sing them?

A: The Saved By The Bell cast did not sing those songs themselves, they were lip synching to audio recordings. I not quite sure who actually performed the songs in the show, nor do I know anyone who does. The actual singers are not credited on the show's credits or soundtrack.

Q: While we're on the subject of Saved By The Bell music, what is that song they play at Zack and Kelly's wedding? Do you know the title or who sings it?

A: That is one of Saved By The Bells biggest mysteries, and by far the most frequently asked question. Unfortunately, I don't know the title of the song, nor do I have any clue who performed this song either. Like the other Saved By The Bell songs, it is not listed in the credits. I have searched and asked around and nobody, and I do mean nobody seems to know the answer to this question. And if somebody does, there not talking.

Q: I heard a rumor that [insert cast member name] died. Is this true?

A: No. All of the Saved By The Bell cast members are alive and well. Please visit the Where Are They Now? section for updates on their individual careers.

Q: Where can I buy Saved By The Bell merchandise?

A: Although Saved By The Bell merchandise is not sold in stores anymore, you can still find books, dolls, the Saved By The Bell game, trading cards and more by searching for "Saved By The Bell" at Amazon.com or eBay. Three videos, "Saved By The Bell Classic Collection" (featuring four episodes from Saved By The Bell and the College Years), "Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style" and "Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas," are currently available from many online vendors including Amazon.com and Yahoo! Shopping

Q: Is it Okay if I use the pictures and images from your site on my Saved By The Bell site?

A: Yes. The pictures contained here (with the exception of the Titles and Headers images) do not belong to me and are available for anyone to use. Most pictures found on this site are the property of NBC, Inc. and Rysher Entertainment. However, if you are using photos from this site on your own site, do not just link them from my web space. You must save them to your hard drive, then upload them to your own web space.

Q: What should I do if I can't find the answer to my Saved By The Bell question anywhere?

A: You can fill out the Saved By The Feedback Form on this site and I'll try my best to answer your question for you, or you can check out AllExperts.com and search for Saved By The Bell experts whose job is to answer your questions.



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