Season 4: The Tori Era (Grade 11)

12t.1: "The New Girl" - Airdate: 9/19/92

Transfer student Tori is introduced, but Zack and Tori don't hit it off, and they are paired up for an ad project; Lisa alienates the Dance Committee before the Fall Ball and talks Tori into helping her.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox, Bridgette Wilson as Ginger, Bryan Cooper as Pete and Vaughn Armstrong as Mr. Breskin


12t.2: "Teen-Line" - Airdate: 9/26/92

Zack participates in a Bayside's teen hot-line, and becomes close to a disabled girl; meanwhile, Screech takes on a rambunctious little boy.

Guest starring: Jennifer Blanc as Melissa Donahue


12t.3: "Masquerade Ball" - Airdate: 10/3/92

Zack and Slater bet who can kiss Tori first, and their best chance will come at a masquerade ball; Lisa has a secret admirer, Screech, but she thinks it's Zack. Everyone gets a surprise at the masquerade ball, when nobody turns out to be who they thought.


12t.4: "Day of Detention" - Airdate: 10/3/92

Zack rigs a radio contest so he'll win a trip to Hawaii, but ends up in detention when he's supposed to be at the Max to collect his prize. Screech poses as Zack but ends up in detention with Zack and the rest of the gang.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox and Jeremiah Birkett as Ken Kelly


12t.5: "Drinking and Driving" - Airdate: 10/10/92

The gang celebrates Lisa's win as Homecoming Queen at Ox's party, but Zack and the gang drive home from a party in Lisa's Mom's car, and Zack's drunk driving totals it. The gang tries to fix the car and keep the accident a secret from their parents.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox, John Sanderford as Mr. Dereck Morris, Susan Beaubian as Dr. Judy Turtle and Ryan Holihan as Sylvester


12t.6: "Class Rings" - Airdate: 10/16/92

Zack seems to get a great deal on class rings for the senior class, but his dealer turns out to be a fake; Tori bets Lisa that she can go to a movie with Screech without being mean to him, but she gets more than she bargained for.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox, Bridgette Wilson as Ginger, Gary Beach as Gem Diamond and Jeffrey Asch as Maxwell Nerdstrom


12t.7: "The Will" - Airdate: 10/24/92

The gang fights over how to spend the money that an alumnus leaves the school when the boys want the money for the boys' sports, and the girls want it for girls' sports. They end up holding a competition to see who gets the winnings.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox, Bridgette Wilson as Ginger and Bryan Cooper as Pete


12t.8: "Slater's Sister" - Airdate: 10/31/92

Slater gets upset when his little sister, J.B., starts dating Zack before a Sock Hop; Belding makes the boys get in touch with their male sensitivity. (In this episode the gang has a do-wop singing group, the Five Aces, which sings "Ginger, My Love" and "Come Go With Me.")

Guest starring: Rana Haugen as J.B. Slater, Troy Fromin as Ox, Bridgette Wilson as Ginger, Bryan Cooper as Pete and Ryan Holihan as Sylvester


12t.9: "Earthquake" - Airdate: 11/21/92

Zack and the gang hold a shower for the expectant Mrs. Belding in an attempt to avoid a physics test, but during an earthquake Zack gets stuck in an elevator with Mrs. Belding, who goes into labor, and with Tori, who goes into a panic.

Guest starring: Louan Gideon as Mrs. Becky Belding


12t.10: "Best Summer of My Life" - Airdate: 11/21/92

Zack, Slater, Screech and Lisa review their summer at Malibu Sands; a flashback episode. (First episode with neither Jessie or Kelly, though they "call" Zack on the phone.)


12t.11: "School Song" - Airdate: 11/28/92

Zack sabotages the others' entries for new school song in the hopes of establishing a good "reputation" for himself. (Note: This was filmed around the time of, and aired on the same days as the Grade 11 episodes, but is supposed to have happened chronologically after Grade 11.)

Guest starring: Lara Lyon as Louise



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