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"Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style" - Airdate: 11/27/92
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The gang takes a vacation to Hawaii for some R & R. Meanwhile, the Principals of L.A. are taking a tour of Hawaii and guess who is the tour-leader? Mr. Belding! While in the Hawaii airport, Lisa bets the newly dating Slater and Jessie $50 each that they can't get along without fighting for 2 weeks. Also in the airport, Zack meets a Hawaiian native, Andrea Larson, and he believes it is love at first sight. But her boyfriend, Derek Worthington, picks her up and Zack doesn't think he will see her again. The gang stays at the hotel, "The Hideaway", which Kelly's Granfather, Harry Bannister, owns. The Principals stay at The Royal Pacific.

Harry tells the gang that he is probably going to sell to The Royal Pacific for their expansion because they have all but put him out of business. The gang decides to help him by becoming his volunteer staff. They go to the Royal Pacific and make all the Principals mad by posing as Royal staff and giving terrible service. So Belding decides to move the tour to the Hideaway. While they are at the Royal Pacific, Zack sees Andrea again. She is an Activities Director for the hotel, and her boyfriend, Derek, is the son of the owner, Charles Worthington. Harry's lawyer, Brian Hanson, hits on Kelly and they start to get close. He convinces Kelly that selling the Hideaway is in her grandfather's best interest.

Meanwhile, some members of the Pupuku tribe kidnap Screech and Lisa. When they get to their village, they tell Screech that he is their new Chief. Apparently, Chief Monaleo told these natives that his descendent would save them, and the statue of Chief Monaleo looks like Screech. The tribe is afraid that the hotel is going to steal their land and build on it, but they have no deed to prove they own the land.

Zack and Andrea spend a lot of time together and he is falling for her. She then introduces him to her 6 year old daughter, Jennifer. Zack gets along great with Jennifer and he and Andrea get closer.

Kelly (on Brian's advice) convinces her Grandpa to sell. But then Lisa overhears Brian talking to Charles Worthington about a loan extension. Brian is out to hurt Harry by making him lose everything. The gang comes up with a plan. Belding poses as a professor of Polynesian Culture and Zack makes a fake deed to the land for the Pupukus. Brian takes it to Worthington and he burns it, but not before Screech sets up a hidden video in the office.

Zack shows the tape to Worthington and he backs down from buying the Hideaway land and taking the Pupuku's land. Andrea quits her job after she hears what jerks Derek and his father are. Kelly punches Brian in the face.

It's time for the gang to go. Harry offers Andrea a job as his new manager. The Pupukus become his staff. Zack is heartbroken about leaving Andrea and Jennifer and he tells her he will move to Hawaii. She tells him no, that everything will work out.And of course, Jessie and Slater lost the bet to Lisa and she becomes $100 richer!

The gang goes back to California.

Guest Starring: Rena Sofer as Andrea Larson, Dean Jones as Henry Bannister, Dan Gauthier as Brian Hanson, Victor Brandt as Charles Worthington, Blake Boyd as Derek Worthington, Donald Li as Keanu, Glen Chin as Pono, Edward Call as Herbert Stark, Eve Brent as Mrs. Finley, Blaire Baron as Mrs. Hodgkiss, Paul Napier as Mr. Sarpa, Biff Yeager as Vincent Jensen, James R. Sweeney as Phillip Warburton, Ashlee Lauren as Jennifer, Clarissa Mancuso as Mrs. Sarpa, Chris Chinn as Reporter.


"Saved By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas" - Airdate 10/07/94
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The scene opens with Zack, Slater and Screech in fatigues in what appears to be some sort of military training mission, acting as members of "the Blue team". After ambushing a soldier from "the Red team", the guys believe they have won the game and prepare to head home. But they themselves are ambushed by the three remaining members of the Red team. So Zack, Slater and Screech resort to the famous Three Stooges gag: Zack and Slater begin to fight pushing Screech between them, until the push Screech out of the way. As Zack and Slater prepare to trade blows, the Red team intercedes, allowing Screech to shot them with paint pellets.

The guys then drive home (as the credits roll by), but on their way, they stop one last time at Bayside high for a trip down memory lane. (NOTE: Two things about this scene. 1) This is the first, and only time we see the exterior of Bayside High; the real location is Palisades High School, in Pacific Palisades, CA. 2) No mention is made of Screech's working at Bayside.) Zack is then dropped at home, where he and his father have a huge fight over dinner about Zack and Kelly's marriage. Dereck announces that he cannot support their marriage, and Zack storms out.

Melanie Morris then comes up to see Zack in his room. (NOTE: The room shown here in the movie is different from Zack's room in the TV show. Perhaps the Morris family moved after high school!) Melanie comforts Zack, but she too announces that she can't go to the wedding either, if Dereck doesn't. Zack says that he can pull of the wedding with the $1200 he has.

The next day (presumably), Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly and Lisa are packing their cars for the trip to Las Vegas. Lisa takes Kelly in her car, and the guys head out in Slater's truck. After almost losing the girls on the freeway, the guys bet the girls that they can make it to Las Vegas first. The girls accept the bet, and the troubles begin.

As they race down a back road, the boys are pulled over by the local sheriff. He asks for the truck's registration, which Slater doesn't have. The sheriff then runs a background check on them, and determines that the guys' descriptions match those of three suspects in a truck theft. So the boys are arrested.

Meanwhile, the girls burn out their radiator after their fan belt breaks. Finally, a man by the name of Kurt Martin walks down the road. He says he was teaching at the Indian reservation, and is also on his way to Las Vegas. He fixes the fan belt by using Lisa's expensive belt, and replenishes the radiator with the girls' "yuppie water", and in return Kelly offers to take Kurt to Las Vegas. The girls get to Las Vegas, where they run into Kurt again, working as a bell boy.

The boys get booked, photoed and thrown in jail with a murderer (named Herb?) and a biker (and poet!) named Ray. Finally, the sheriff determines that the guys aren't the suspects, but he extorts the $1200 from Zack to let them go.

As the girls admire "the Considine Diamond" (NOTE: This is almost certainly a joke: Gary Considine was the Executive In Charge of Production for SbtB in the TV show's later years.), they decide to treat themselves to a manicure and the works while they wait for the guys to arrive. As the guys arrive at the hotel, Slater spies a pretty girl, and the girls see the guys and are reunited.

To attempt to earn back the money, the guys first try to get work as caddies at a golf course, where Slater once again runs into the pretty girl whose name is Carla. The guys get fired and earn no money. So back at the hotel, the guys and girls play around the pool, where Slater again runs into Carla who this time agrees to go out with him. But two mysterious thugs oversee this. In the restaurant, Zack and Screech run into Bert Banner who offer them jobs as male escorts. At first Zack refuses, but realizing that he can earn fast money that way, he and Screech agree. As Bert trains them as escorts, Zack is late for a meeting with a wedding coordinator, which angers Kelly.

That evening, "Sami" Screech Powers gets his escort assignment, a woman named Diana who paws Screech the whole evening, and tangos him to death. But Zack is forced to dine with Kelly at the same time as he dines his escort, a Russian woman named Katrina. Kelly soon figures out that Zack has another woman and the restaurant, and she announces that the wedding is off and storms out. Meanwhile, Slater has his date with Carla.

Zack goes to Kelly's room, but she and Lisa refuse to let him in. So he climbs out on the balcony in his room to try and climb over to Kelly's balcony. Meanwhile, Slater's date is interrupted when Carla's ex-boyfriend Freddy Silver, a mobster comes in. When Slater hits Freddy, he and Carla are forced to run away from Freddy's thugs and back to their room. But when they go out on the balcony, they surprise Zack who almost slips and falls. Zack explains all to Kelly, and finally they all get into Kelly and Lisa's room. Carla explains that Freddy is in Las Vegas to steal the Considine Diamond.

So Lisa gets Kurt to help smuggle Carla and Slater out of the hotel. But as they get to the hotel main doors, Screech returns from his escort with Diana and as he struggles to escape from Diana, he exposes Screech and Carla. So Zack grabs Screech, and they and Slater and Carla escape in their truck. Freddy's thugs commandeer at taxi, and take off in pursuit, followed by Lisa, Kelly and Kurt who follow after in Lisa's car.

A car chase across town ensues. The guys abandon their car and hide in a wax museum. But on the street, they are spotted again by Freddy's thugs, who chase them into a casino. So the guys and Carla sneak into a Las Vegas dance show. But backstage, they are all finally captured by Freddy's thugs and brought to Freddy's room.

In Freddy's room, the gang fails to talk their way to freedom. But Kurt admits that he is the son of the Stardust casino owner, and he tells Freddy that he can get Freddy to the diamond. Freddy still refuses to let any of them go, and he forces Kurt to take them to the safe where the diamond is. Kurt opens the safe, and as Freddy and one of the thugs are in the safe, the guys once again pulls the "Three Stooges" routine, and trick the thug guarding them. They push him into the safe, and the gang locks Freddy and the two thugs into the safe.

Everything resolved, the gang all travels to a Las Vegas chapel to get married. But just as Bert Banner! is about to marry them, Dereck and Melanie Morris burst in. They say that Slater called them, and they've had a change of heart: they now support Zack and Kelly's marriage.

So we next see the guys in a field standing next to the minister. The wedding march begins, and we see Kelly being led down the aisle by Mr. Frank Kapowski. As she travels down the aisle, we see C.U. R.A. Mike Rogers, Alex Taber and Prin. Richard Belding in the audience. As the ceremony begins, Jessie Spano burst in (a la the Palm Springs wedding of her father), saying that she could miss the wedding. A brief retrospective of Zack and Kelly's relationship, from Grade 9 at Bayside to the College Years is then shown. Zack and Kelly recite the vows, and the minister names them husband and wife.

After the ceremony, Zack and Kelly are congratulated, one by one by Alex, Mike Rogers, Mr. Belding, and finally Kelly gets a tearful congrats from Jessie. Slater gives the toast to all assembled (which includes Kurt and Carla). Frank and Carol Kapowski congratulate Kelly. And Melanie, and then Dereck congratulate Zack in a poignant moment.

In the end, Lisa and Kurt are at the front of the hotel. Lisa says good-bye to Zack and Kelly who are packing their stuff in a limo. Screech then gives them a tearful good-bye. Finally, Slater with Carla says good-bye to Zack. As Slater says, "It's the end of an era." Kelly throws the bouquet which Screech catches, just as Diana appears and chases him away. Kelly and Zack drive off in the limo. THE END.

Guest Starring: Dennis Haskins as Mr. Richard Belding, Mark DeCarlo as Freddie Silver, Liz Vassey as Carla, Richard Schiff as Deputy Dano, Elizabeth Berkley as Jessica Spano, Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle, Pat Corley as Sheriff Myron Thorpe, John Brandon as Jim, Melody Rogers as Mrs. Melanie Morris, John Sanderford as Mr. Dereck Morris, Gilbert Gottfried as Bert Banner, Bob Golic as Mike Rogers, Kiersten Warren as Alex Tabor.


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