Saved By The Bell: The College Years

Pilot - Airdate 5/23/93

Zack gets to C.U. expecting to room with Slater. He finds out they are suitemates with 3 girls -- Leslie Burke from San Fran. (Anne Tremko), Alex Taber from Oregon (Kiersten Warren), and Danielle Marks from D.C. (Essence Atkins). Zack immediately starts hitting on Leslie, she's not interested. Screech changes his room so he can room with the guys -- he is very homesick. They meet resident director, Mike Rogers (Bob Golic). He lays down the rules, including no alcohol in the dorms. Zack and Slater realize they are no longer the Big Men on Campus. Slater is getting his butt kicked in wrestling and wants to quit. Zack tries to impress Leslie by throwing her a surprise birthday party in their common area. It gets a little out of hand, and Mike walks in as Zack grabs a beer to throw it away. Busted. The whole suite is punished by having to get every freshman to fill out a questionnaire. Zack pulls a scam by offering a sweepstakes, one person will win a trip to Hawaii. Mike catches on and tells Zack this isn't High School anymore -- he better give away the trip. So Zack goes to work with Slater in the Student Union restaurant. Zack thinks he'll quit, but when he finds out Slater is going to quit, they both decide to stay. Screech goes out with Alex and Danielle. Zack thinks he has a date with Leslie, but when he knocks on her door, there is another guy.

Guest Starring: Essence Atkins as Danielle Marks (uncredited), Steve Eastin as The Coach, Elena Rosaia as Sonya, Chad Wood as The Wrestler


Season 1

1. Guess Who's Coming to College? - Airdate 9/14/93

Leslie finally agrees to go out with Zack. He hits on her big time, but she says it won't work between them because they are suitemates. He gives her this huge sob story about his last girlfriend, Kelly Kapowski, who left him. (He actually lets her believe Kelly died in some weird accident). Leslie feels sorry for him and actually starts to give in, when all of sudden Kelly walks in and introduces herself. Leslie gets ticked off and walks away. Kelly says she was wait-listed but that she just got in. She was supposed to live somewhere else but Alex says that their roommate (no name mentioned) transferred, so Kelly could live with them. Meanwhile, Zack has concert tickets and he is trying to decide who to take, Kelly or Leslie. He is very attracted to whichever girl he is with at the time. He tells one he will break it off with the other and vice versa. This goes on throughout the show until finally Kelly and Leslie figure it out. They scheme together, and they walk up to Zack and say they decided it would be better if no one dated anyone in the suite. Then they say Zack needs to cool off, and they take his concert tickets and go togther. (At the very end, we see Zack ask Alex to dinner -- kind of a funny moment!)

Guest Starring: George Cheung as George Kee Cheung.


2. Zack, Lies & Videotape - Airdate 9/14/93

The whole gang takes Cultural Anthropology with Professor Jeremiah Laskey at 8:00 am. Zack tells Laskey he doesn't want an 8:00 am class and Laskey makes a deal with him. He will give Zack a "B" in the class if Zack will do a project on "What Women Want." Zack is still hitting on Leslie and every other girl he interviews, and no one will give him any honest material. Meanwhile, Mike wants Screech to type his autobiography "The Other Side of the Jock" In return, Mike agrees to help Screech bulk up. Finally, the girls convince Zack that if he is honest -- they will be too, and they give him enough info to finish his project. He gets a B in the class. Laskey hopes he'll still show up for class. And eventually, (at about 8:10) he does.

Guest Starring: Mathea Webb as Woman #1, Hillary Matthews as Woman #2, Kelli Kirkland as Woman #3, Jenny Levine as Woman #4


3. Rush Week - Airdate 9/21/93

Zack, Slater and Screech decide they want to rush Sigma Alpha. (Mike is also a Sigma Alpha.) Leslie is a legacy to Theta, and Kelly wants to be a Theta too. Alex is rushing the rival sorority - Beta. Rick, a Sigma Alpha, invites Zack and Slater to a party. Screech is embarrassing the guys, so they don't want to take him, but Leslie makes them feel bad and they decide to help him. They tell him to pretend his name is Brad and they try to give him a new personality, but he blows it at the party. When the Sigmas come to get Zack and Slater, they accidentally grab Screech. But they him throw in back in the room when they realize it's Screech and they say they don't want him. Zack and Slater try to convince Rick to take Screech, but he won't so Zack and Slater quit. Leslie decides not to take the Theta bid. Kelly doesn't get into Theta, and Alex doesn't get into Beta. But they both get into Pi Psi (and they are thrilled). The Sigmas decide to let Screech in after all, and Zack and Slater let him. They decide to stay independent. Zack is still after Leslie.

Guest Starring: Tatanya Carmichael as Karen, Charles Carpenter as Frat Guy #1, Susan Christy as Julie, Matthew Letscher as Rick, David Markus as Frat Guy #2, Lisa Ann Russell as Sorority Girl


4. Slater's War - Airdate 9/28/93

Zack tries to get Leslie by asking her to go skiing with him. She agrees only if another couple goes. Slater agrees to go, but he backs out at the last minute when Theresa Alvarez fires him up about a Chicano Studies Program. Slater finds out that his father changed his name from Sanchez to get into the Army. Slater is proud to be Mexican and wants to do be involved in a "sit-in" in the Chancellor's office for a Chicano Studies Program at the College. Zack doesn't understand why Slater backed out of their trip, and the two get into a big fight (almost a fist fight). Finally, Zack makes a speech at the"sit-in" and Zack and Slater make up. Meanwhile, Mike is doing a research project with a rat, "X-97." Screech is watching him, but X-97 escapes. Later, Kelly finds him, but she won't give him back to Mike until she knows the rat won't be harmed during research (which ruins Mike's project, but he's OK with it).

Guest Staring: Ara Celi as Theresa Alvarez, James Gleason II as Mr. Novak, Olivia Virgil White as Profesor Hopkins


5. The Homecoming - Airdate 10/5/93

It's Homecoming at C.U. and everyone is getting ready. Football star Johnny Walters is coming to C.U. (he's an old teammate of Mike's). Leslie's parents will be coming to visit, and she is trying desperately to make everything perfect. Alex decides she wants to try out for the school mascot, the C.U. falcon. When Leslie's parents come, they nag her about dating a nice boy, so she gets mad at them for trying to control her life. So she asks Screech to go to the Homecoming Dinner with her to shock her parents. Meanwhile Kelly and Zack are more than excited to meet Johnny Walters. Kelly is a long time fan, and Zack thinks he can use Johnny's Alumni contacts to help him in his future career. The Burke's are horrified to meet Screech and finally Leslie tells them he's not really her boyfriend. Alex becomes the new mascot, but Slater is embarrassed by her and he leaves. Johnny asks Kelly to go to a press conference with her and on the way he hits on her but she says no to him. He leaves her at the studio after he picks up another girl (this happens off camera). Slater finally apologizes to Alex. And Zack and Kelly are disappointed that they're hero is such a slime bucket!

Guest Starring: Charles Grant as Johnny Randall, Gloria Loring as Mrs. Burke, Edward Winter as Mr. Burke.


6. The Poker Game - Airdate 10/12/93

Zack, Slater, and Screech make plans for a Friday night poker game. Mike nixes the idea of having the game and the guys decide to help him with his love life to get Mike off their backs. The encourage Mike to ask out the English literature professor, Judith Trudell, that he has a crush on. The girls want to play, but the guys say it's a guys-only game. Leslie and Alex go off to Kelly's karate class with her, where the instructor turns out to be a real hunk. All three volunteer to be "flipped" by him. Meanwhile, Mike's date was a disaster and he returns home and cancels the poker game, just when Zack had the winning hand. The guys decide to let the girls play poker with them next time if they help them help Mike with his love life problems. Mike calls Judith again and asks her for a date. They burn the dinner and the smoke alarms go off! The girls go back to karate class, but their instructor "hunk" has been injured and his replacement is Helga, who's not exactly a hunk. Leslie and Alex join the poker game, but their feminine conversation causes the poker game to break up. The smoke alarms go off. The gang rushes to Mike's room, where the smoke seems to be coming from. It turns out that Mike's date had heated up in more ways than one, and they'd burned dinner.

Guest Starring: Daniel B. Clark as John Hammer, David DeLuise as Tony, Nancy Stafford as Judith Trudell, Mindy Sterling as Clara Meade


7. Professor Zack - Airdate 10/19/93

Zack has a meeting with Laskey, and Laskey has to leave for a minute. While he's gone, a young, pretty girl comes in looking for Laskey. Zack says he is Laskey and the trouble begins. Zack leads this girl, Jennifer, on for awhile until he finds out she's the Chancellor's daughter. He tries to break it off by saying that a professor can't date a student, but she says she's leaving C.U. so they can be together. Zack resorts to desperate measures when he takes her to the movies and has Alex come in and claim to be Mrs. Jeremiah Laskey (pregnant and all). Jennifer runs to her Daddy, the Chancellor, and Prof. Laskey is called into his office. When Jennifer comes in, she says "That's not Prof. Laskey!" Jeremiah catches on quickly, but for some reason he saves Zack's butt. Meanwhile, the girls and Mike are trying to raise $2000 to buy a large screen TV. Mike is trying to sell candy bars to get the money, while the girls want to put together a hunk pin-up calendar. Slater is embarrassed about being in the calendar, and Screech really wants to do it. Leslie objects to the whole thing as sexist and superficial, but when Slater takes off his shirt, she changes her tune! Finally, they end up putting Screech's head on Slater's body in the picture.

Guest Starrings: John Fink as Chancellor Williams, Brittney Powell as Jennifer Williams


8. Screech Love - Airdate 10/26/93

Zack hits on C.U. star tennis player, Linda Addington. She needs tutoring in astronomy and Screech agrees to tutor her. Screech and she are together a lot, and Screech falls for her and she falls for Screech. Zack tells Screech he's crazy, Linda would never like him. Screech gets mad and moves out of the room and in with Mike. Meanwhile, Slater wants Alex to come to his wrestling match but she hates wrestling. She finally goes and kisses him on the nose right before the match, and he wins. The kiss on the nose becomes a superstition to Slater, so Alex must go to every match and kiss him before the match. Alex goes to another match and sits next to Slater's opponent's girlfriend. They start yelling and they eventually get into their own wrestling match. Slater gets DQed for trying to break them up, and Alex gets a very swollen jaw (but she wins). Linda finally tells Zack that she likes Screech and she goes to find him in Mike's room, where they kiss. Screech and Zack make up and he moves back into the room.

Guest Starring: Hillary Danner as Linda Addington


9. Dr. Kelly - Airdate 11/2/93

The guys discover a new restaurant called SKEETERS (your basic waitress meat market). Slater gets mad when Alex gets a job waitressing there. Meanwhile, Kelly is working in the student Health Center. She tells Zack she wants to go Pre-Med, but Zack discourages her and tells her to be realistic (in so many words). Kelly takes it seriously and she quits the Health Center and goes to work at Skeeters. She's making great money and neglecting her school work. When Zack finds out, he feels awful. He tells her not to let a jerk like him interfere with her dream. Kelly decides to go back to the Health Center. At the end of this episode, Zack and Kelly have a dialogue that leads to a kiss (first indication of them getting back together). And, Mike decides to try out again for the 49'ers. The guys help him train and he makes it, but he decides he is too old (not to mention too sore) to get back into pro football.

Guest Starring: Donna Barnes as Debi, Ric Coy as Frat Guy, Martin Davis as Customer, Tony Rizzoli as Mr. Savio, Diana Tanaka as Dr. Wong


10. A Thanksgiving Story - Airdate 11/23/93

Mike is giving a Thanksgiving dinner for underprivledged children in the C.U. dining hall. Leslie decides to stay and help him. The rest of the gang, Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly and Alex, are trying to drive home to spend Thanksgiving with their families. But when their car breaks down, they all have to go back to C.U. They are all very disappointed but decide to help Mike with his dinner. Kelly is the most upset about not getting home, and Zack is put-out. He gets on a waiting list for a plane ticket. Meanwhile, Mike hurts his leg and must be in a wheelchair. Worse, the charity event is scheduled to be on TV (as an interview during the half-time of the Thanksgiving Day football game). So, Screech orders the turkeys, but they are frozen and dinner threatens to be a disaster. The gang makes do with beef jerky and when the interview takes place, a lot of celebrities take notice. Marsha Warfield (Night Court), Jenna Von Oy (Blossom), Jonathon Brandis (SeaQuest) and Brian Austin Green (BH 90210) all come by with a Thanksgiving dish for the kids. Even Mr. Belding stops by. In the end, Zack gets a plane ticket, but decides to give it to Kelly so she can go home for Thanksgiving evening.

Guest Starring: Marsha Warfield as Herself, Jonathan Brandis as Himself, Brian Austin Green as Himself, Marv Albert as Himself, Dennis Haskins as Bayside Principal Richard Belding, Marty York as Boy #1, Jenna von Oÿ as Herself


11. Teacher's Pet (Part I) - Airdate 12/7/93

While in Cultural Anthropology, Kelly asks Dr. Laskey if he can help her with her paper. She goes to his office and she sees him playing with his daughter, Abby. Kelly acts like she is falling for him. She goes to babysit for Abby in Laskey's office (which is also where he lives). Abby is playing house and says that Lakey is the Daddy and Kelly is the Mommy. Kelly plays along and then when Laskey is about to leave, Abby says "Aren't you going to kiss Mommy?" Kelly kisses Laskey on the cheek and he leaves. Meanwhile, Zack is trying to figure out who Kelly has a crush on. Kelly buys some cologne for her new guy, so Zack is going around smelling guys to see who wears the kind she bought. He hears she's babysitting for Laskey and he doesn't believe it, so he goes to see for himself. He runs into Laskey, who is wearing the right cologne and he gets the clue. Zack tells Laskey about Kelly's crush and Jeremiah says he will talk to Kelly. When he goes to her room to talk to her, they end up kissing and Zack sees them (but they don't see him).

Guest Starring: Rod Biermann as Keith, Jamie Renee Smith as Abby Lasky


12. Kelly and the Professor (Part II) - Airdate 12/14/93

Zack can't believe about Kelly and Laskey. He approaches her about it and she just says he jealous. Zack embarrasses them in class by making a comment about them dating. Laskey is unsure about the whole thing. Kelly's sorority is hosting a costume ball and she invites Laskey but he says no. Zack tells him he is ashamed to be dating a college girl (and rightly so) and that's why he won't go. To prove Zack wrong, Jeremiah tells Kelly he will go. Meanwhile, Mike is doing a psychology project on personal compatibilty. He gives the test to Leslie, Alex, Screech and Slater. It turns out that Screech and Alex are compatible and so are Slater and Leslie. Alex takes it seriously and she gets really upset. Zack finds out that Lakey is going to the masquerade ball as Zorro (with a mask), and he comes up with a plan. Zack goes as Zorro too, and approaches Kelly and kisses her. Laskey sees them. Kelly kisses back. Then Zack tells her it's him. Kelly gets really ticked off and goes to find Laskey. He tells her that *they* won't work because he saw her kissing Zack and it didn't bother him. So he dumps her. Zack comes to her room that night to cheer her up (and to see if she likes him). She is still upset and she tells him it's too early.


13. A Question of Ethics - Airdate 12/21/93

Robert Guillame plays Dr. Arthur Hemmings as an ethics professor. The gang is in the class. He talks about how ethics have gone down the tubes. He gives his students a hard time, and he's going to be a hard-ass At the end of class, he accidently drops a copy of their mid-term. The gang uses the rest of the show to decide whether or not they should cheat on the test. They finally rip it in half and throw it away. Zack goes down to the dumpster to find it. Then so does Slater, then Alex, then Leslie. They dig through the trash looking for the test. In the end, only Zack refuses to look at the mid-term. Finally, they go back to class and Professor Hemmings tells them that this was their test. He planted the test so that everyone in the class would have an opportunity to cheat. Zack asks him if that was ethically correct, and Hemmings takes the class from that question.

Guest Starring: Mary-Pat Green as Marlene, Robert Guillaume as Dr. Arthur Hemmings, Mindy Sterling as Clara Meade


14. The Rave - Airdate 1/04/94

Zack is trying desperately to get back together with Kelly. He wants to take her on a trip to Cancun to get her mind off of Laskey. Slater and Alex want to go too. But they don't have enough money, so they decide to have a "Rave Party" in their dorm. Mike is going away to visit his mother, and introduces Dean McMann (Holland Taylor) to keep an eye on the dorm while he is gone. (He also warns her of Zack). They paint Mikes room black and decorate a lot of other rooms. Leslie will have no part of it. Alex is the D.J. ("Snoop Allie D"). Leslie goes to the Student Center and has a snack with Dean McMann. They see a Rave flyer on the table, which Leslie tries unsuccessfully to hide. Dean McMann is outraged and heads to the dorm. Meanwhile, one of the students asks Screech (who is the Chemistry Lab Assistant) to get them some nitrous oxide gas for the Rave. He doesn't want to, but when Slater yells at him about growing up, he decides to get it. Stingray (Jake Beecham) relays Leslie's message (about McMann coming to the dorm) to Zack, so Zack moves the party to Laskey's classroom. Slater finds out about the nitrous oxide and he's going to help Screech return it. But Screech says he will do it himself. He tells the guys he wants it back, but they say no. Then he realizes that he gave them Helium by accident!! and they leave. Dean McMann finally finds them and goes to bust Zack, but Laskey walks in and (amazingly) covers for Zack (again). He tells her it is a project for his class. She doesn't believe them, but she can't do anything because he is a professor. Kelly had been thanking Zack for the party all through this episode, but at the end she's in love with Laskey again because *he* saved them.

Guest Starring: Jake Beecham as Stingray, Alle Ghadban as Guy, Tim Griffin as Jason


15. Bedside Manner - Airdate 1/11/94

Zack will do anything to get Kelly. Kelly works in the Health Center, so Zack decides he will get a job there as an orderly to be close to Kelly. But he is not a very good orderly, especially when the patient is Dean McMann. He is awful to her, mostly because he is trying to keep an eye on Kelly who is caring for a sick Professor Laskey (he claims he has an ulcer because of all the stress of his recent relationship). Dean McMann has Zack fired. He then comes in as a (fake) patient to continue to look out for Kelly. Laskey is rude to Kelly. Screech takes Zack's job as an orderly and is running all sorts of tests on Zack (to no avail because there is nothing wrong with Zack). Finally, Zack gives up and leaves the Health Center. Kelly goes to fluff Laskey's pillow right after Zack leaves. Suddenly she stops and she says to Laskey, "How can someone be so stupid?" He says, "Zack is just trying to win you." And she says, "No, I mean *me*." She then proceeds to tell Laskey off and throws a thermos of ice water on him. She goes back to the dorm and apologizes to Zack and says she really cares about him. They kiss.

Guest Starring: Jimi Elwell as Nurse Gruen (as Tim Elwell), Stephen M. Garvin as Male Orderly, Adam Philipson as Bill, Diana Tanaka as Dr. Wong


16. Love and Death - Airdate 1/22/94

Zack and the gang throw a party for an aging professor, named Professor Rich. Professor Rich sits on the gang's couch and he tells them that he is a fraud because he has lived his life by reading books, and not by traveling out in the world. He regrets that very much. The gang gets distracted and when they look back, Professor Rich has died! Zack is still suffering from losing Kelly, so he decides to take heed from the Professor's words: he decides to live life to the fullest. First he buys a motorcycle. Then he and Screech repel down from the roof of the Student Union (you see them in the windows of the restaurant where Slater works). Finally, Zack talks Slater and Screech into parachuting out of an airplane. The boys goes up in the plane. Meanwhile, Kelly realizes that she's been in love with Zack the whole time. She rushes to the airport tower and she gets on the radio to the plane. She begs Zack not to jump and tells Zack that she loves him (this is all relayed to Zack by the guide in the plane). So Zack decides not to jump, and he tells the pilot to go back. The pilot immediately makes a sharp turn, and Zack, Slater and Screech fall out of the plane. In the end, Zack and Kelly are reunited on the ground.

Guest Starring: Victor Raider-Wexler as Professor Rich, Don Mirault as Sky Diving Instructor, Frank Farmer as Minister


17. Marry Me - Airdate 2/8/94

Kelly decides that she wants to go on Foreign Study for 3 months. (This just after she and Zack are getting along really well). Screech wants to go too. Kelly and Screech get accepted to go on the trip. Zack wants to go too (obviously) but Dean McMann says "no way Jose" (plus there is no more room). Zack tries to scare Screech into not going (doesn't work). Zack whines to Kelly that he will miss her and he doesn't want her to go. She says that everything will be fine. Meanwhile Slater goes out with another girl to a car show that Alex won't go to. He and Alex are having problems (but she doesn't know about the date). Leslie finds out and she feels bad about lying to Alex. Finally, Alex finds out. Zack is still whining to Kelly when he suddenly proposes to her. She is shocked and says she needs to think about it. He says he can't understand why she is going on the trip and tells her he won't go to see her off. She's upset and goes to get on the boat. Finally, Zack realizes he has been a jerk and goes to see Kelly (with roses). She decides that she does want to marry him and they get off the boat. TO BE CONTINUED.

Guest Starring: Ami Dolenz as Christy, Jake Beecham as Stingray, Paul Kersey as Curtis


18. Wedding Plans - Airdate 2/08/94

Zack and Kelly are engaged. Everyone is against it, including Slater. Dean McMann has to give them permission to move off campus as freshmen; she does, but hesitantly. Zack finds them an apartment (trashy, and managed by Stingray) and he finally gets Kelly a ring. The rest of the episode is about Kelly and Zack trying to get all of the details ready for a quick wedding. They call their parents and they both say no. They get the campus chapel. Lisa (Lark Vorhees) surprises Kelly and comes into town to be the Maid of Honor, but Leslie and Alex both want to be the Maid of Honor. The girls fight about this throughout the show. Slater finally gets over being upset, and decides to throw Zack a bachelor party complete with stripper. But Kelly and Zack are expecting the campus preacher for a pre-marital session when the stripper shows. The preacher comes in and tells them they can't use the campus chapel until they grow up. They think everything is ruined but then Zack says "I know. Let's get married in Las Vegas." That is how the College Years ended (until the movie).

Guest Starring: Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle, Jake Beecham as Stingray, Marty Rackham as Stan, Dean Scofield as Reverend Dunlap, Kathy Hartsell as Cop, Brittany Levenbrown as Zackerina, Nathaniel Meyst as Zack Jr.




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