Season 2 (Grade 10)

10.1: "The Prom" - Airdate 9/8/90

Zack and Kelly plan to go to the prom together, but then her dad loses his job and she decides that she shouldn't spend any money on the prom; Screech asks Lisa to the movies; Slater and Jessie decide to go to the prom together. Zack arranges a special prom just for himself and Kelly. (This is Slater & Jessie's first date, and Zack and Kelly's first kiss.)

Guest starring: John Mansfield as Mr. Frank Kapowski and Dion Zamora as Alan Fairbanks


10.2: "Zack's War" - Airdate: 9/15/90

Mr. Belding tries to reform Zack by making him join the Army Cadet Corps. Zack gets the whole gang to join with him, but when he gets stuck leading a bad team for the competition, he quits. After everyone gets mad at him for being a quitter and letting down his team he comes back and leads the team to victory. (A scene in this episode is used in the opening credits for Elizabeth Berkley.)

Guest starring: Cylk Cozart as Lt. Chet Adams and Lara Lyon as Louise


10.3: "Save the Max" - Airdate: 9/22/90

Zack and Screech find a radio station in Bayside's basement and decide that getting the station started back up again would be fun. They decide to use it for a fundraiser to save the Max when the school board wants to close it down. Slater is upset because everyone thinks that he's a bad sports announcer, so he quits, but returns when the gang needs him most. (There is a flashback sequence to Belding's high school days when he was the school rebel and DJ, "the Big Bopper", and this is used in the opening credits for Dennis Haskins. There is also a scene of Lisa at the microphone used for Lark Voorhies.)

Guest starring: Ed Alonzo as Max


10.4: "Driver's Education" - Airdate: 9/29/90

Zack wants Slater to fail his driver's test, because he's afraid if Slater can drive, Kelly would rather go out with him instead of Zack. Slater ends up crashing the car and a locker falls on Kelly, but when she realizes Zack planned it, she fakes a worse injury. (Zack uses a "time out.")

Guest starring: Jack Angeles as Mr. Tuttle


10.5: "House Party" - Airdate: 10/6/90

Screech's parents go on vacation to Graceland leaving Screech in charge of the house. Zack and Slater decide to have a party there in spite of the "no parties" and "no girls" rules that Mrs. Powers left, and her prized Elvis statue gets broken. The gang has to find a way to replace the statue before she gets home. (The guys sing "Barbara Ann.")

Guest starring: Patrick O'Brien as Mr. Dewey, Ruth Buzzi as Mrs. Roberta Powers, Jeffrey Asch as Maxwell Nerdstrom and Tori Spelling (from Beverly Hills, 90210) as Violet Bickerstaff


10.6: "Blind Dates" - Airdate: 10/13/90

Belding blackmails Zack into taking his niece out on a date, but Zack gets Screech to play "Zack" for the date instead so he can go to Kelly's birthday party; Lisa sets Jessie up on a blind date, but she gets upset when she realizes the guy is much shorter than she is. [Screech's voice is changing by this episode.]

Guest starring: I.M. Hobson as Mr. Hudson, Timothy Williams as Brett and Jodi Peterson as Penny Belding


10.7: "Rent-A-Pop" - Airdate: 10/20/90

Zack hires James, a waiter at the Max, to play his dad, Dereck Morris, during a meeting with Mr. Belding, and then he plays Mr. Belding with Zack's dad, so Zack can avoid the consequences of a bad grade. Unfortunately the real Mr. Morris and Mr. Belding run into each other at the school carnival. (First episode with James, the actor.)

Guest starring: Mark Blankfield as James and John Sanderford as Mr. Dereck Morris


10.8: "Miss Bayside" - Airdate: 10/27/90

Zack bets Slater that he can guarantee the winner of the Miss Bayside Beauty Pageant, but Slater bets that Screech will win; Jessie protests the pageant until she decides that a male winning the pageant would be fair. Then almost everyone ends up entering. (Mr. Belding sings "Miss Bayside.")

Guest starring: Michael LaVelle as Kevin


10.9: "Jessie's Song" - Airdate: 11/3/90

Jessie finds herself under great pressure to perform at school and in the girls' new singing group, Hot Sundae, and she turns to caffeine pills to help her stay awake to study and go to rehearsal. When Zack finds out he calls off her performance and Screech fills in. (Songs: "Go For It," "I'm So Excited." This episode has the "Hot Sundae" scene of the girls dancing which is in the opening credits.)


10.10: "Model Students" - Airdate: 11/10/90

Zack and the gang take over the Bayside student store when they decide that the nerds are incompetent. Zack attempts to get business with a "Girls of Bayside" calendar, and ends up trying to prevent aspiring model Kelly from going off to Paris. (The modeling scene is used in the opening credits for Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.)

Guest starring: Greg Kean as Adam Trask, Richard Isreal as Ronald Geekman and David Marcus as Norman Hattenbak


10.11: "1-900-CRUSHED" - Airdate: 11/17/90

Zack comes up with a plan to make money, a 900 phone line called "Teen Line" (or "the Lisa Line") where Lisa gives advice to callers; when Zack won't pay, Lisa quits and Zack is forced to run the line by himself. Kelly's sister Nicki has a crush on Zack and calls the Teen Line for advice, but Zack gives her the wrong advice and he ends up having to deal with the consequences. (Note: This episode has the scene with the guys "rapping" in it that you see in the opening credits.)

Guest starring: Laura Mooney as Nicki Kapowski, Mark Clayman as Moose, Lara Lyon as Louise and Michael McManus as Mr. Manfredi


10.12: "Running Zack" - Airdate: 11/24/90

Zack is the key man in a track meet, but he can't run unless he finishes a project on his family's heritage, so Mrs. Wentworth's friend tells him about his Indian heritage. Zack gets a good grade on the project but then Chief Henry dies and Zack doesn't know if he can compete, until he has a dream and talks to the chief.

Guest starring: Carol Lawrence as Miss Wentworth and Dehl Betri as Chief Henry


10.13: "The Fabulous Belding Brothers" - Airdate: 12/9/90

Mr. Belding's brother, Rod, is substitute teaching at Bayside at the same time they're planning the class trip. Rod offers to take them whitewater rafting and Mr. Belding ends up being left out until Rod ditches the students for a date with a stewardess. Mr. Belding takes them on the trip and saves the day.

Guest starring: Raf Mauro as Mr. Dickerson and Edward Blatchford as Rod Belding


10.3a: "From Nurse to Worse" - Airdate: 12/15/90

Zack asks Kelly to go steady, but then he falls for the new school nurse. When everyone finds out, they get the nurse's help to set up Zack so he'll go back to Kelly. [The first scene of Zack in the jacket and tie is used in the opening credits for Mark-Paul Gosselaar.]

Guest starring: Nancy Valen as Nurse Jennifer and Pamela Kosh as Miss Simpson


10.14: "Breaking Up Is Hard to Undo" - Airdate: 12/16/90

Jessie and Slater break up over anniversary ballet tickets, then Kelly and Zack break up when her ex-boyfriend comes to town, so Belding tries to get them back together, until he has fight with Mrs. Belding over his Mother-in-law. Zack and Slater have to come up with a way to win back their girlfriends. [Zack uses a "time out". Scenes in this episode are used in the opening credits for Elizabeth Berkley (council meeting), Dennis Haskins (on bed pointing), Mario Lopez (lifting weights) and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (Max scene).]


10.15: "The Glee Club" - Airdate: 12/23/90

The gang joins the Glee Club in hopes of winning a trip to Hawaii, but Screech's girlfriend, Violet, is the only one good enough to get them there. Screech makes a bad impression on her parents and is forced to quit the Glee Club and stay away from Violet, but when she freezes onstage, he saves the day. (Zack uses a "time out". Two scenes from this episode are used in the opening credits for Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies.)

Guest starring: Tori Spelling as Violet Bickerstaff, Jack Angeles as Mr. Tuttle and Scott Wolf (uncredited)


10.17: "Video Yearbook" - Airdate: 11/7/92

Zack is in charge of filming the Bayside video yearbook, which he came up with as an alternative to regular yearbooks that nobody would buy. When he realizes that using the tapes to make a dating tape that he can sell for money to buy a car, he thinks it's a great plan, until it backfires and all the girls at Bayside have dates with other guys at other schools. (Zack uses a major league "time out.")

Guest starring: Mark Clayman as Moose


10.18: "Snow White and the Seven Dorks" - Airdate: 11/14/92

It's time for the school play and the gang decides to do a revamped rap version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, substituting Dwarves with Dorks. Zack and Jessie start to wonder if they have feelings for each other and Kelly and Slater get jealous.

Guest starring: Richard Isreal as Ronald Geekman and Henry Polic, II as Mr. Bainbridge



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