"Mr. Richard Belding"
Dennis Haskins
Birthdate: November 18, 1950
Place of birth: Chattanooga, TN
Height: 6'4"
Interesting Fact: Has worked as a music manager, agent and concert promoter.

Mr Belding while the principal of Bayside and a proverbial authority figure serves as a defacto member of Zack's band of friends. Richard Belding travels with the gang all the time. He is absent from the College Years episode, and the Malibu Sands episode but he even managed to travel and be with the gang during a trip to Hawaii and Las Vegas. He remembers his days as a radio disk jokey with great joy. He was the Chubby Checker so to speak. Mr Belding has a brother, Rod, and even he has to visit Bayside. After Rod leaves to pursue a stewardess, Mr Belding takes the gang on a white water rafting trip that his brother had promised them.

While at Bayside, Principal Richard Belding was the target of many of the kids jokes and pranks. Zack Was the main aggresser in many of these pranks. He constantly pulled "fast ones" on Belding, such as hiring an actor to play his father and Mr. Belding, having a party for screech in his office and causing Belding to single-handedly destroy the sale of Buddy Bands. Zack began to know Belding like the back of his hand. Belding admired zack and he even named his child after him when Zack delivered his baby.

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